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Documentary about Ton Koopman 29 December, 2023 at MAX on NPO2 (Dutch National Television)

Conductor and baroque musician Ton Koopman is held in high regard worldwide, but in our country he is less known to the general public. Although he is approaching eighty, he shows no sign of stopping and travels the world to share his special talent with his audience. But not without the support of his wife and great love Tini, with whom he not only shares a household, but also the stage. On Friday, December 29, the documentary Maestro Ton Koopman: Driven by Music can be seen at 8:25 PM on MAX on NPO 2.

Tini his great, Bach his first love

Despite his old age, Prof. Dr. Ton Koopman still travels all over the world and MAX travels with him for this documentary. Ton can be seen on stage in his various roles; as a conductor and as a musician in Japan, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Spain, among others. But we also see Ton in his private life, with his wife/colleague Tini Mathot and as father and grandfather to his daughters and grandchildren. And all that in their special house in Bussum. Ton and Tini met each other as a music teacher and student, and found each other in music and love. It has remained that way all these years. A documentary about Ton cannot be made without Tini. During his music studies, Ton concentrated on baroque music, with special attention to his hero: Johann Sebastian Bach. Ton's wife and family are extremely important to him, but Bach was really his first love.


Ton is described by all colleagues and friends as a special person. Very nice, very modest and very driven. But also as a digilliterate, headstrong, a man with an understanding of women's clothing and with a deep admiration for Bach. A man with relentless energy for all his passions! The members of Ton's orchestra and choir, the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir, can confirm this.


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