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Ton Koopman & ABO
Dieterich Buxtehude Opera Omnia Volume XIV
Vocal Works 5



1CD | CC 72253 | 0608917225327

Fifth volume of Vocal Music in the Opera Omnia Series of Dieterich Buxtehude (XIV)
"This CD could be subtitled “The Unknown Buxtehude”. It presents eight somewhat unfamiliar vocal works that differ greatly from each other, undoubtedly because of dates of their composition. Notable, of course, is the richly instrumented Ich bin die Auferstehung BuxWV 44, with five strings, dulcian, two cornettos, two trumpets and basso continuo, the only concerto for solo vocalist with such lavish instrumentation.

The other solo concerto for bass, Ich bin eine Bume zu Saron BuxWV 45, is much simpler, but more touching. The basic instrumentation of the solo concertos on this CD is two violins, violone and organ. Aside from the more elaborately instrumented BuxWV 44, two other concertos deviate slightly: Jesu, komm, mein Trost und Lachen BuxWV 58 adds a viola and Bedenke Mensch das Ende BuxWV 9 an extra violin. Notable in the latter is that it has three singers throughout, thus without the solo passages normally heard in Buxtehude. This is also the case in BuxWV 57 Jesu dulcis memoria, which is dominated by the bass theme. For basso continuo players, it is such a pleasure to play and vary this theme, especially when there are two players, as on this recording. We basso continuo players try to zestfully enliven the festive character of this very Italian concerto (compare Monteverdi!) – this relatively unknown concerto is one of his Buxtehude’s vocal works.

But there is plenty more. Two soprano solo concertos, for example, on the same text: Herr wenn ich nur dich habe BuxWV 38 and 39 -- a shorter and a longer version sung here by different sopranos. I couldn’t choose between them – both have their own charm. " (Linernotes written by Ton Koopman)

  • 'Key juxtapositions and tempo changes between tracks make perfect sense and the playing, recording and documentation are first rate. Koopman has done Buxtehude proud'. - Malcolm Riley – Editor's Choice in Gramophone (september 2009) for Opera Omnia X- Organ Works, Vol.5 (CC72249)
  •  ‘….with superb control of style and technique.’, jury BBC Music Awards, which Koopman won in 2008
  • "The highlight of this edition is the cantata "Jesu dulcis Memoria" for the two sopranos, beautifully sung by Siri Thornhill and Miriam Meyer."  Tijdschrift Oude Muziek
  • Koopman won two Super Sonic Awards for his Haydn Organ CD and Opera Omnia XII, Chamber music vol.1, handed out by Pizzicato magazine in February 2011!
  • Koopman won the ECHO Klassik Award, for Buxtehude,Opera Omnia, Vocal Works III (CC72246)
  • Koopman won the Editor's Choice in Gramophone (september 2009) for Opera Omnia X- Organ Works, Vol.5 (CC72249)
  • Ton Koopman received an Edison for the entire Bach Cantata-series
  • In 2010, around Easter, Ton Koopman received a Golden Record for selling more than 10.000 records of the Matthäus Passion (J.S. Bach)
  • In 2010 Koopman has also released two Haydn CD's: Organconcertos and London Symphonies which were received very well by critics and music lovers
  • "Buxtehude would be proud" Antoine Marchand, Klassieke Zaken, October 2011
  • Ton Koopman has an insatiable energy and exudes an enthusiasm that is contagious to all that are present." J. Gahre, Das Opernglas, November 2011

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Jesu, komm, mein Trost und Lachen BuxWV 58
Jesu, dulcis memoria II - Ciacona - BuxWV 57
Ich bin eine Blume zu Saron BuxWV 45
Bedenke Mensch das Ende BuxWV 9
Herr, wenn ich nur dich hab (I) BuxWV 38
Herr, wenn ich nur dich habe (II) BuxWV 39
Ich bin die Auferstehung und das Leben BuxWV 44
Je höher du bist BuxWV 55
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1CD | CC 72265
Händel: Tu fedel ? Tu costante ?
and other Italian cantatas

Ton Koopman & ABO